Nicolas Faure and Elena Pelini drew from their experience as parents to create an innovative concept using intelligent textiles that perfectly compensate for babies' thermal immaturity. Thanks to their two daughters, Mila and Gabriella, Climakid was born. A lovely story of a family from Lille, in France. 

Nicolas Faure 

Nicolas est le chef d’orchestre de la société qu’il a créée en Septembre 2014. Nicolas assure le développement de la marque, travaille à l’élaboration et à la conception des produits.

Elena Pelini 

Elena a cofondé Climakid. Elle travaille au style et au développement des collections. Elle assure la communication de la marque et sa distribution.


Mila, 6 ans, est une parfaite petite conseillère. Elle joue un rôle essentiel pour Climakid.


Gabi, 3 ans, est testeuse et modèle pour la marque. Gabi est, avec sa sœur, le rayon de soleil de son papa et sa maman.

Their daughter Mila and her younger sister Gabriella (now 3 and 6) were both born in August and were both full-term. Two very healthy little girls with good birth weights: Mila was 3.3kg and Gabriella was 3.8kg. However, as Elena remembers, "Gabriella was put under an infrared heat lamp as she was cold. It was summer and we spent the whole time covering and uncovering her!  We dressed her in a romper suit in the morning and a bodysuit in the afternoon, always worrying whether we were doing the right thing. Was she cold, was she hot...?" Feeling lost and insecure, the new parents didn't know which way to turn!  Nicolas, a trained engineer, wanted to find out why babies are so sensitive to ambient temperatures, especially as he had discovered that there weren't really any existing products that would really help them regulate their body temperature. 

A very concerned new dad

So the new dad decided to look into the question seriously. "My research," he explains, "was consolidated by a number of meetings with paediatricians and intensive care anaesthetists at Lille Central Hospital, who confirmed what we had noticed as parents: children have a specific physical make-up that makes them particularly sensitive to cold and heat. Regulating body temperature is a major task for a baby." 

Elena and Nicolas live in Lille, historically a city of textile mills and now the capital of intelligent textiles, well known as the home of the largest maternity hospital in France, Jeanne de Flandres, which received the "Baby-friendly hospital" award on 25 January 2016. 

Not far away, the Peritox centre in Amiens is the leading global specialist in infant thermal matters. Everything was in place to enable the young couple to launch the Climakid adventure. For two years, from 2012 to 2014, supported by the European Centre for Innovative Textiles (Innotex / ) Nicolas carried out research into the properties of technical fibres, already well known in the sports and mountaineering sectors, for use in children's clothing. Clothes that would be capable of protecting children in every moment of their life, as naturally and as comfortably as possible.

The "bodysuit job", already a success

In September 2014, the company was set up and production of the first bodysuits began. Elena, a business school graduate, naturally joined her husband in developing the commercial side of the brand. "It was a joint idea, and we have complementary skills, so it was logical to launch Climakid together," they explain, as one. Today, the couple's two babies have grown... But they understand the role they have played in mum and dad's new job which they call the "bodysuit job". They continue to inspire their parents and are happy to act as models to show off their designs.

Climakid is already a great success in France. Nicolas and Elena are now continuing their international development, and have already made inroads into Northern Europe and Asia. But the world is vast, and the Climakid crusade for babies' thermal comfort continues...