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ClimaKid PROTEC bodysuit: perfect for winter This is the bodysuit to use when it's really cold in winter, or to pack in your suitcase for a holiday in the snow...

13,93€ 19,90€ -30%

ClimaKid REGUL bodysuit: the all-weather bodysuit The hot and cold bodysuit! Perfect for any season, thanks to its heat-regulating fibres, it protects babies from extreme variations in temperature while ensuring optimum moisture control.

13,93€ 19,90€ -30%

Comfortable and well ventilated, the CLIMAKID AIR bodysuit prevents your child overheating and allows their skin to breathe. Situations such as being fed or carried, simply being in a very warm house in winter or outside on a hot summer’s day can easily make your child perspire. The CLIMAKID AIR range keeps your child dry, so there’s no need to worry...

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ClimaKid AIR sleeping bag: a peaceful night guaranteed Not too hot, not too cold. If it's very hot or if the house is well heated, your child will pass a quiet, peaceful night in this soft, breathable sleeping bag.

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