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CLIMAKID products are really clever! They are based on the latest advances in technical textiles, used to create intelligent clothing for high performance sports, sailors and mountaineers... But they also use natural fibres - wool or cotton - which parents love, preferring not to use synthetic fabrics on their little one's soft, fragile skin.

Everything is designed to guarantee the comfort and well-being of babies and to alleviate parents' anxieties. Climakid offers three levels of protection for all its products (bodysuits and sleeping bags).

Climakid Air

Lightweight, airy fibres which effectively wick away moisture. Perfect in hot weather.


Climakid Regul

Self-regulating materials for guaranteed comfort in any situation, at any time of year.

Climakid Protec

A subtle combination of thermal properties and breathable materials. A good option in cold weather. 

Comfortable and well ventilated, the CLIMAKID AIR bodysuit prevents your child overheating and allows their skin to breathe. Situations such as being fed or carried, simply being in a very warm house in winter or outside on a hot summer’s day can easily make your child perspire. The CLIMAKID AIR range keeps your child dry, so there’s no need to worry...

ClimaKid REGUL bodysuit: the all-weather bodysuit The hot and cold bodysuit! Perfect for any season, thanks to its heat-regulating fibres, it protects babies from extreme variations in temperature while ensuring optimum moisture control.

ClimaKid PROTEC bodysuit: perfect for winter This is the bodysuit to use when it's really cold in winter, or to pack in your suitcase for a holiday in the snow...

ClimaKid AIR sleeping bag: a peaceful night guaranteed Not too hot, not too cold. If it's very hot or if the house is well heated, your child will pass a quiet, peaceful night in this soft, breathable sleeping bag.

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